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School and community gardens are a rising trend in Alberta and across the country. Scroll down to learn about the many benefits of school gardens, and how you can start your own!

A school garden offers many of the following benefits and leads to sustainable healthy school communities:

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Learning and Curriculum links

Gardening with students can allow for making effective cross-curricular connections and authentic learning experiences, children have the chance to learn at a higher level than they would simply sitting in a classroom. 


Food Literacy

Through gardening, students also gain a better understanding of where their food is coming from, which often results in healthier food choices by children and families. 


Increasing Physical Activity, and Connections to Nature

School gardens allow children to be physically active outdoors, providing connections to nature and the community around them.


School Community Partnerships

Shared school/community gardens encourage partnerships in the community where groups such as senior centres, churches, daycares and others can aid in the maintenance of the gardens during out of school times.   

Children planting spring flowers in sunny garden. Little boy and girl gardener plant hyacinth, daffodil, snowdrop in flower bed. Gardening tools and water can for kids. Family working in the backyard.


A school garden offers many benefits and...


Success Stories

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Coins in soil with young plant. Money growth concept.

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