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Indigenous Youth Wellness Collaborative

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There is incredible diversity within the organizations partnering with First Nations and Métis communities in Alberta to support youth wellness. The Indigenous Youth Wellness Collaborative is an effort to foster relationships among these different organizations, allowing lessons to be shared across the province and highlighting the innovation, creativity and new resources developed by the communities and their partners.

Each organization has their own way of working, their own funding, and their own partnerships within the communities. It is the diversity of the work that makes this group so interesting! The Collaborative doesn’t seek to align all of our work, but instead ensures we aren’t working in isolation or duplicating one another. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we share successes, challenges and great ideas. We don’t all work in the same ways or the same places, but the shared goal of active, healthy and resilient youth and communities unites us.

If your community has a local program that you would like to highlight to the group, you would like to partner with any of the organizations, or if your organizations supports Indigenous youth wellness and you would like to join the Collaborative, please contact

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