Supporting school infrastructure designed around wellness and shaped by culture.

The environments that surround us inform and shape our attitudes and behaviours, often in ways we don’t even notice. When our environments are unhealthy, we are more likely to make unhealthy choices ourselves. When the environment has been designed with our wellness in mind, it is easier for us to be well.

Partnering with First Nations communities across the province, we support design that makes it easy for staff and students to make healthy choices, in environments that feel safe, comfortable, and encouraging.

Our work is two-fold:

1) Designing Resources that Promote Learning through Movement

Simple changes to furniture or floor patterns can make it easier for young people to get the activity they need to focus, learn and thrive.

  • Don’t Walk in the Hallways is a package of floor tiles that can be arranged in patterns and written upon with whiteboard markers. Schools have verified that just placing the tiles on the floor can increase a student’s movement by 872 steps per school day! Through a Communities Choosewell Grant, we are partnering with Blackfoot Languages instructor Pat Twigg to develop a guidebook to teach Indigenous Languages using this resource.
  • Lesson Plans and the Guidebook will be available soon - if you would like to use the resource as a cultural teaching tool in your community, please contact us about getting a complimentary package to begin designing your own lessons!
  • The package can be modified to include your community’s Traditional Wheel/Medicine Wheel colours, or you can order the Standard package. Buy the Standard package, or contact Tam@everactive.org to order Medicine Wheel colours (Red Black Yellow and White or Red Blue Yellow and White)
  • Learn more about this work here.

2) Partnering with Communities on Innovative Classroom and School Design

“Our community understands how our land shapes us into whole beings, and we propose to bring this traditional knowledge into our contemporary learning spaces.”

- Paul Band First Nation School

Building a new school presents an opportunity to build upon the strengths of the community while addressing the unique needs and challenges it faces. We are currently partnering with Paul Band First Nation School to make wellness the main priority in their new school build. Working with INAC, architects, school leaders and community Elders, we seek to integrate local culture and knowledge into all aspects of the design, optimizing student wellbeing.