Supporting New Roles to Promote Holistic Wellness

When communities or school districts invest in hiring a Wellness Coordinator, a period of mentorship can help that person transition into their role, identify best practices, and learn from local and provincial successes. One of the roles of the Ever Active Schools Resiliency Coordinator is to provide this mentorship by supporting:

  • Program development;
  • The creation of School Wellness Teams;
  • Reviewing and drafting school policies and curriculum;
  • Determining budget priorities;
  • And more.

Kainai Board of Education: Investing in A Healthy Future

In 2015/16, the Kainai Board of Education focused on supporting wellness at a district level by hiring a full-time, year-round Wellness Coordinator, representing a key investment in their annual budget and supporting all 5 Blood Tribe schools through unique, school-driven wellness initiatives.

Learn more about the new Kainai Wellness Policy here or view the handbook here.

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