Youth Mentoring Youth

The Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program builds on the strengths, talents, and natural leadership of First Nations youth. Offered as either an after school or lunchtime program, older students (Grade 9 or 10) mentor younger students (Grade 4 or 5).

The older students design and implement a weekly program: preparing and serving a healthy snack, planning and leading active games, and facilitating teaching circles. Sometimes the older students themselves share teachings, and other times they invite local Elders, educators, or parents to share knowledge.

“The mentor program is good for this community because we teach the kids new things and to participate in activities and it also teaches the mentors to be good role models for the kids.”

-High School Mentor from Zaagiing First Nation”

Current Communities

AYMP has been running successfully in Manitoba, and is currently expanding across Western Canada.

In Alberta, Alexander First Nation and Paul Band are adapting the Manitoba program to the unique strengths and needs of their communities, with youth guiding the process.

“I am benefitting from this program…learning how to be a better person for myself and for others that are around me”

- High School Mentor from Kistiganwaacheng”

Learn more about the Manitoba program in this 2008 Research Paper.

View the AYMP Mentor Manual here.